Preoperative Instructions for Patients Undergoing Intravenous Sedation

  1. You may not have any solid foods for 6 to 8hours prior to the appointment. Small amounts of clear liquid can be taken up to two (2) hours before appointment.
  2. A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and be able to drive the patient home.
  3. The patient should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for 24 hours following the anesthesia experience.
  4. Please wear loose fitting clothing with sleeves which can be rolled up past the elbow, and low-heeled shoes. Contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures must be removed at the time of surgery.
  5. Do not take aspirin or aspirin containing medications until after surgery.
  6. Fill any prescriptions given by Dr. Blum prior to your surgical appointment. If you were given a prescription for antibiotics and you are a woman taking oral contraceptives, you should know that antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Another form of birth control should be utilized during the entire cycle.
  7. If you use contact lenses do not wear them the day of surgery as your eyes may get dry from the anesthesia.
  8. We have music players in every room. You may bring your own CDs or we have an extensive library to choose from.
  9. Please take all prescriptions as directed.

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth and surgical extraction of teeth is quite different from the extraction of erupted teeth. The following conditions may occur, all of which are considered normal

  1. The surgical area will swell.
  2. Swelling peaks on the 2nd or 3rd post -operative day
  3. Trismus (stiffness) of the muscles may cause difficulty in opening your mouth for a period of days.
  4. You may have a slight earache.
  5. Sore throat may develop.
  6. Your other teeth may ache temporarily. This is referred pain and is a temporary condition.
  7. If the corners of the mouth are stretched out they may dry and crack. Your lips should be kept moist with cream or ointment.
  8. There will be a space where the tooth was removed. After 24 hours this area should be rinsed following meals with warm salt water until it is healed. This cavity will gradually fill in with new tissue.
  9. There may be a slight elevation of temperature for 24 to 48 hours. If temperature continues, notify us.
  10. It is not unusual to develop bruising in the area of an extraction.

Women please note: Some antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Please check with your pharmacist.