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Aventura, Miami Beach Oral Surgeons - Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky & Dr. Jeffrey D. Blum - Specializing in Dental Implants, Jaw Surgery, Wisdom Teeth, bone graft, and dental pathology.

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Thank you for choosing our office

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you. We appreciate your choosing our office for your oral maxillofacial care.

We also want to assure you that we will listen to your concerns and do everything possible to make you comfortable. Our surgeons enjoy spending time with patients and answering all their questions prior to and following their treatment.

We are also very proud of our knowledgeable and courteous staff. They will assist you in any way possible.

Our surgical facilities are state-of-the-art, including 3D dental scan technology, computers in every room, advanced imaging technologiesfor dental implant placement, and Stem Cell technology for bone graft reconstruction. We also specialize in corrective jaw surgerysoft tissue grafting, and oral and maxillofacial trauma.

Thank you for choosing our office. We look forward to meeting you. Miami Beach implants Miami Beach implant


Eduardo Nicolaievsky, D.D.S. &  Jeffrey D. Blum, D.D.S.

Office Locations

Miami Beach Office

4308 Alton Rd. #850
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Phone: 305-538-4556Fax: 305-538-2019

Aventura Office

2999 NE 191 ST, Suite #607
Aventura, FL 33180
Phone: 305-936-5974Fax: 305-936-5977


Our doctors are affiliated with following professional associations and hospitals:

Oral Surgery Academy of Osseointegration

International Association of OMF 


Exciting New Technology in Our Practice



X-Nav 3D Navigation 

Dynamic 3D Dental Implant Navigation system expands the surgeon's control over the implant process during live surgery. It's like a GPS for placing dental implants.

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L-PRF Platelet Therapy 

L-PRF is a new platelet therapy that is created from your own blood. L-PRF creates a bioactive "band-aid" that is created from your own blood and then is placed in your surgery sites to promote healing.

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CS 9600 3D Dental X-ray 

Our office has introduced the CS 9600 3D Dental X-ray Unit into our practice. New capabilities allow for better diagnosis and treatment.



For more information on dental implantscorrective jaw surgery (orthonagthic surgery)bone graftingwisdom teeth surgery, IV sedationbone grafting, or other dental surgery procedures, please call our office (305) 538-4556.




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